Tuck in and give thanks.


The worst part about Thanksgiving is that at some point, it has to stop being Thanksgiving. But with leftovers and the power of imagination, it can keep being Thanksgiving as long as you want*!

*Except for expiration dates. Those are not your imagination, those are supes real.

Turkey Nut Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich

Let's start with the main event — turkey. It's the reason we're here, the Kobe of the dinner table's Lakers. Whether you like the dark or the light meat, we can all agree on one thing — it is exceptional on a sandwich the next day.

Grab a couple handfuls of the stuff and get stacking.

Full Ham Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich

Know what I give thanks for every year? Freedom. Freedom to eat whatever the heck I want for Thanksgiving, like a pineapple ham instead of a turkey.

Well… sandwiches, too. I definitely give thanks for leftover sandwiches. OK, so, pineapple ham leftover sandwiches. 

Grab the ham, some pineapple, and the rest of that cranberry sauce and get ready to get turnt.


Get Stuffed Grilled Cheese

Know what Thanksgiving doesn't have enough of? Cheese.

Fix that.