Three B's / Lakehurst, NJ

This review was originally posted to my Tumblr on February 26, 2015.

I was recently in South Jersey with the birthday girl for her big birthday weekend. After an afternoon of following her through the finest department stores in Ocean County, we headed to Three B’s in Lakehurst for a bite of pizza. Or sushi. Or fajitas. This place serves like 6 distinct cuisines.

Not being in an exploratory mood, I headed straight to their burger section. Their Prime Brisket Burger was called "the best burger you will ever find!”... so obviously I had to try it. A patty of medium-rare USDA prime ground brisket, applewood smoked bacon, and Wisconsin sharp cheddar on brioche with ketchup and mayo, and a side of cole slaw and potato wedges.

OK, so, this was a fantastic burger. Like, oh my god. But it was fancy. Very fancy. Some may decry the gourmetization of hamburgers over in past years, but any food movement that puts a prime cut of beef through a grinder is fine by me. 

(Side note: one time, a chef at a five star NYC restaurant ground up one of their most expensive steaks and turned it into a burger for me, and it was one of the top ten food experiences of my life. What I'm saying is I want a meat grinder.) 

The burger was juicy, tender, and actually medium-rare, which is surprisingly hard to find sometimes. And what’s more, this burger was neat. Too often, a restaurant’s star burger attraction will fall apart in my hands after three bites and I have to finish with a fork, but this stayed in my hands and between its buns and ended as deliciously as it started. Just fab.

The potato wedges were tasty, thick, and hit a perfect balance between crunchy outside and potato-y inside. And greasy. The right kind of greasy.

The only drawback was their cole slaw.

This was bad cole slaw.

Cole slaw is a cabbage salad with a mayonnaise-based dressing. Cole slaw is not a cup of mayonnaise with some bits of cabbage in it, a disturbingly common misconception that too many places hold.

Cole slaw aside, I can’t recommend the Prime Brisket Burger at Three B’s in Lakehurst, NJ enough. While you’re there, stop at Boemio Italian Market two doors down. Lots of awesome little jars of stuff.

Three B's, Lakehurst, NJ  6.5/10

Thanks for reading! You can check out this place and others like it on my Awesome New Jersey Foursquare list.