Carolina Sandwich

I haven’t eaten my way through the South nearly as much as I would like to, but last year I was fortunate enough for the South to come to me. I got to hang out with Elizabeth Karmel, the Queen of Carolina BBQ, at Four Points in Manhattan last year and learned of her southern ways. I’m still by no means an expert, but I have been turned onto the vinegary charm of Carolina BBQ sauce. This Carolina Ribs Sandwich is savory and sweet with just enough vinegary bite to keep me on my toes.


  • 1 lb spare ribs (I cheated and got The Strand Smokehouse’s fantastic ribs, but Elizabeth Karmel has a wonderful Carolina Ribs recipe if you want to start from scratch!)
  • 2 oz sharp cheddar, sliced
  • 1 oz vinegar-based BBQ sauce
  • 1 c parsley
  • 1 roll


  1. Strip all the meat off the ribs and chop the it up. Slice the roll horizontally.
  2. Pile enough meat onto the bottom slice of bread to cover it.
  3. Pile enough meat onto that meat to double it.
  4. Layer cheese over the meat.
  5. Pour the BBQ sauce over the sandwich to your desired amount (Careful! Carolina BBQ sauce is VERY vinegary. Start small — you can always add more.)
  6. Place parsley atop the cheese and top with the other slice of bread.

Serve with mac and cheese and a good cole slaw!


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