Lord Tulsi Hot Sauce

Remember that super-hot mustard I wrote up a while back? You know the one:

It reached up my nasal cavity, grabbed hold of my medulla oblongata with a cloven hoof, and lit me up like a firework. I was sweating through the bridge of my nose. Unbelievable stuff.

We're here to mess your day up. Thank us later.

Well, Lord Tulsi himself heard about my review and wanted to send a few more cloven hoofs my way in the form of his line of hot sauces: Dragon Juice, Blazing Carrot, and Cucumber Habanero Flaming Lips. 

And let me tell you right off: this is some damn good fire sauce. 

The line offers variety in both heat and flavor. Cucumber Habanero has a nice medium heat (Lord Tulsi ain't got time for no mild business) and a plenty of cucumber flavor. The Blazing Carrot is a nice middle ground, and goes great in dips (My mom even used it in a crab dip over Thanksgiving! It was a big hit.).

The Dragon Juice, meanwhile, is straight rocket fuel, while also unexpectedly fruity at the same time. I used it recently on a delicious bacon egg and cheese. The savory bacon and cheese played against the fruity hot sauce, while the fuego was furious. This sauce truly lives up to both parts of its name.

Put it on sandwiches, splash it over wings, or mix it into dips. If you're in the market for a hot sauce that'll make your eyeballs bleed in the best way possible, check 'em out on their website!

Lord Tulsi's Fiery Condiments
Dragon Sauce: 8
Blazing Carrot: 7/10
Cucumber Habanero Flaming Lips: 7/10