The Sandwich Enthusiast is Sean Curry, a lifelong food lover, sandwich maker, and eater of many things.

He grew up in Jersey (it's taylor ham, not pork roll, ew) and currently lives in Astoria. His favorite sandwich is turkey, cheddar, avocado, bacon, spinach, and tomato with mayo and a good spicy mustard on a kaiser roll.

Outside of making sandwiches, eating sandwiches, and traveling the country in search of more sandwiches, Sean is a copywriter in Manhattan with years of food culture and branding experience.

This blog was started to show pictures of his lunch to his friends and family every day, and two years later, it's grown to an audience of over 20,000. He'd love to point those 40,000 eyeballs in the direction of your brand, event, or cause. Get at him.